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Weekly Feature [8]

Wed Sep 10, 2014, 9:52 PM

Got slightly delayed on this weeks edition. But it did lead to more awesome artwork for the feature! 

Spiny by veprikov
The Depths by fmacmanus


Darling, Don't You DareTo the girl who skips dinner,
Because her reflection hurts more than
To the boy who wears sweatshirts
On hot summer days,
Because he doesn’t want his mother to cry over his
To the boy who weeps uncontrollably
Until he falls asleep,
Because it’s the only way to escape into his
To the girl who spends her days in her bedroom,
Because the dark is more peaceful than her
To the child who gets angry,
Because no one understands.
To the teens who self-harm,
To the ones in recovery,
To the ones that just can’t do it anymore…
Stay Strong.
For the girl who skips meals
And the boy who wears sweatshirts,
For the boy who cries,
The girl who hides,
And the ones who just can’t do it anymore.
Because darling,
You’ve come this far.
Don’t you dare give up on it, now.
Poisonous Eyes“There once was a child. This child was no different from a child you might find elsewhere. However where you’d find this child was what made it unique. The child was left behind in the forest without family or home ;however, the child did not weep for it was not alone. In the forest a bird gazed upon this child without love. Without hate. Without care. It saw the child and that was enough. It saw the child when no else did. So the child loved the bird. The child loved the bird as one might love a mother. And the bird gazed upon this child. As the child grew, the bird’s gaze also grew. Into something more. Into frittered whispers and welcoming chirps and tweets. But along with those the gaze held. Without love or hate. And the boy’s gaze also held. Filled with love. They continued in this idyllic ignorance until one day the bird went to hunt. The hunt itself was nothing new however the prey had changed. Rather than the snake which the bird   StopStop.
I said stop.
That’s you. Yes, you, the reader. I want you to stop. I want you to stop moving. I want you to stop breathing. See how long you can hold your breath.
Are you doing it? Are you holding your breath?
Can you feel the nagging feeling, calling on you to open your mouth and inhale? Can you resist it?
Do you see how unnatural it is? Breathing is what keeps you inside this world. It is something your body does without thought, without command. You have to tell yourself not to do it. Almost every other action occurs at your command, breathing occurs at the lack of command. You have to force yourself to stop doing it, and it gets more and more difficult to do. Your entire body screams at you to open your mouth an inhale. Your own mind reminds you again and again that you must breath. It pulls you like gravity down again and again until you can’t think of anything else, can’t do anything else, until you take a breath. Your body and your own mind wants you to.
THE STREETS - Chapter 4 - THE GIGGLERS by DanLuVisiArt
Traveler by chaoslavawolf
It is a silly place by missqueenmob LIBERTAS by EmanueleDascanio Big Bang!! by nimitnigam Light mermaid by RazielMB
Poem of levitation by Piroshki-Photography
Molen de vrijheid in Deil ( Betuwe ) by Betuwefotograaf 2014 Assassins Creed Unity Game-2560x1440 by Nagyelsamahy Penguins of Antarkir by ALRadeck

Octoo by GrandPa-

Written by


Udara Jay.

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