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:bulletred: Rules: FreyaBigg, UJz, omgaila + other admins

:bulletred: Submissions: FreyaBigg, UJz, omgaila + other admins

:bulletred: Violations: FreyaBigg, UJz,omgaila + other admins

:bulletred: Advert spaces: UJz

:bulletred: Admin Applications: [When available] FreyaBigg

:bulletred: General enquiries: FreyaBigg, UJz, omgaila + other admins

:bulletred: :star: FreyaBigg is currently on hiatus, therefore unavailable, please forward questions to other admins. Thank you. :star: :bulletred:


Sat Mar 24, 2012, 2:58 PM by omgaila:iconomgaila:
:bulletred: Photography :bulletred:

A folder for general photography.

:bulletred: Photo Manipulation :bulletred:

General photo manipulation. Digital paintings with photo backgrounds are not considered photo manipulation and neither are digital darkroom photos.

:bulletred: Digital Painting :bulletred:

Anything under the dA category digital painting, or even illustration, the difference between the two is up to the submitter!  

:bulletred: Illustration :bulletred:

Digital illustrations that are used to help visualize a story or subject go in this folder. You can also submit fan art that isn't in the form of manga and anime.

:bulletred: Mixed Media :bulletred:

Any deviation that uses several media forms can be submitted here.

:bulletred: Manga and Anime :bulletred:

Just your usual manga and anime, including fan art!

:bulletred: Cartoon and Comics :bulletred:

Cartoon and comics that don't take the form of manga and anime can go here. This could still be fan art!

:bulletred: 3D :bulletred:

3D stuff. :giggle:

:bulletred: Typography :bulletred:

Any deviations based on the modification of letters to create art.

:bulletred: Vector and Vexel :bulletred:

Images created in vector-based programs (such as Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape and Flash) using vector/vexel tools only.

:bulletred: Pixel :bulletred:

Subfolders include: Icons, Emotes and Stamps

:bulletred: Fractals :bulletred:

Fractals go here, obviously. ^^;

:bulletred: Film and Animation :bulletred:

Any form of film, flash and animation can go here.

:bulletred: Layouts :bulletred:

Subfolders include; Web, Wallpapers

:bulletred: Resources :bulletred:

Any tutorials, css help and deviations of the sort go here.

:bulletred: Mature Content :bulletred:

Regardless of art form, mature content deviations go in this folder.

:bulletred: Misc. :bulletred:

Does your art not quite fit into any of these categories? Then the misc. folder is where it should be. :)

:bulletred: Admins Folder :bulletred:

This folder is only for submissions from our admins, feel free to have a browse - we are artists too! :D

Submission Rejections

Sat Jul 3, 2010, 1:51 PM by FreyaBigg:iconfreyabigg:

:star: Why was my submission rejected? :star:

Well, usually you are notified, but in some cases there are glitches and other cases there are too many messages to notify everyone. But, it always comes down to one of these:

:bulletred: It's in the wrong category
Next step :pointr: Resubmit correctly using the directions on the homepage

:bulletred: It breaks a rule
Next step :pointr: Check the rules by following the link on the homepage

:bulletred: It was a repeat submit
Next step :pointr: Considering it's usually a glitch, there's nothing you can do, it's most likely already accepted

It's never a case of quality :aww:

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hi there, thank you for adding me ! :D
thank you kindly!!!:thanks:
LICM-19 Apr 2, 2014  Student General Artist
I have a question; for anyone, really. What is the best FREE program for coloring your scanned traditional art? I draw in a mostly anime style. The only program I have been previously provided with is Pixlr. Is that a good program for such things? Please help. Thank you.Sherlock Holmes 
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